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I received my 360 camera with an older firmware (R10508e) and LG Bridge and Android apps would not recognize.

I 'worked' with LG support for several hours and nothing worked.

Also had an opportunity to shoot the reception, which turned out really exceptional.

Then I read the latest firmware adds timelapse and the sticker at the bottom and decided to update the firmware.LG should dump the train-wreck they call 'LG Bridge' and go back to the basics (such as making the software work). Worst complaint is that the stitching is very bad and there are big convex black areas where images come together.Hope they come out with a better firmware to fix this! The only problem I really have is that sometimes it does not pick up the AT&T signal and tells me that all data is blocked.It is the first LG phone I have had that I have had this as a problem.

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